Nurturing India’s dream of a healthier energy mix

By Karishma Mansukhani, Senior Engineer, Adani Gas

My name is Karishma Mansukhani. I work at Adani Gas Ltd in the CNG Department as Senior Engineer.

Our lives are defined by the opportunities we get. My journey from campus to corporate started with Adani 3 years ago and it started with a very captivating orientation. Our generation has witnessed anthropic exploitation of fossil fuel. Fortunately for me, my job is to promote the use of clean fuel such as CNG. Being an instrumentation and control engineer, I started my dream journey at Adani in the CNG SCADA and automation department.

At the onset, it was quite enriching to be a part of a department, which excelled in innovation. I feel particularly proud of the fact that I was a part of the unmanned operation of CNG compressors, a first-of-its-kind project in India. AGL CNG has been a pioneer in implementing SCADA in perhaps the most comprehensive manner among CGD companies in India. We were safely able to accomplish the project and our team got duly recognised and rewarded for the same.

Heroes At Work | Karishma Mansukhani | Adani Gas

In fact our team also won the While went to win the Special Appreciation Award the icing on the cake for me being nominated as an Emerging Professional of the year.

The most inspiring bit about the whole experience was that I was driving something that nobody else had ever done.

Subsequently I was tasked with a new experience altogether. Now I am an integral part of the rolling out of 16 CNG stations across Ahmedabad. When I look back the diverse experience has done a world of good in my overall development. For being a fresher I was entrusted with huge responsibilities and given the freedom and guidance to achieve them.

While I had my share of jitters initially, common with newcomers, deep within I also had the confidence to handle my responsibilities. Our visionary leaders made it easier for me. So, right from safety to operations everything was regularly monitored by them and wherever we are not able to get the things done right, they have always supported us.

From campus to corporate, it was an experience to remember for the lifetime.

The entire value chain from the receipt of gas to revenue collection is based on automation at Adani CNG. We are also part of India’s journey towards a healthier energy mix.

Now we are moving to create 16 new CNG projects across Ahmedabad. Until now we have present in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Faridabad and Khurja. Gradually I hope that our footprints reach in several other cities spread across India.

Somewhere I feel attached to a larger cause. I’m filled with pride and humility to imagine my association with the Adani Group’s overarching philosophy of nation building.