A farm-level intervention growing prosperity and happiness at Himachal Pradesh

Manjeet Singh Sheelu, Plant Head, Adani Farm Pik

My name is Manjeet Singh Sheelu. I joined Adani Farm-Pik in 2006. The company was started with a larger purpose of increasing the incomes of the farming community. This led to setting up a plan at the farm level. Subsequently, we started a Farm-Pik shop where, through reverse marketing, we introduced growers to better techniques guided by renowned horticulturist in the field.

Heroes at Work | Manjeet Sheelu | Adani Farm-Pik

For instance, for the first time apple growers associated with us had access to hail nets and scientific knowledge to save their produce. This helped them save losses caused by hail storms and better prices for their produce. The collaboration at the grass-root level helped. A box of apples that previously earned a farmer Rs. 400-500, now fetches approximately Rs. 1,000 as farmers get a true share of their produce, thanks to the transparent and tech-led intervention by Adani Farm Pik. The income cycle is also seamless. Every day farmers weigh their produce, sell it at their nearest Farm-Pik collection center and its worth gets credited into their bank accounts within two weeks . Earlier, selling this to mandis could yield a waiting time of up to 6 months.

The transformation goes beyond efficiency and transparency in business. It has contributed to the Adani Group’s overarching vision of bolstering community healthcare, education and sustainable livelihood opportunities across India. For instance, the improved lifestyle has inspired the farming community to provide better education to their children. At the same, as a part of the Adani Group’s corporate social responsibility framework, we introduced some community care initiatives such as medical camps and free medicines for the local villagers.

We are able to strengthen the roots of our nation through our work at
Adani Farm Pik.

Farm-Pik apples have created a revolution in the apple lobby, with our strong network of over 15000 growers attracting new members every passing day. I feel overwhelmed that I am able to strengthen the roots of my nation through my work at Adani Farm Pik. This is my way of contributing to nation-building.